Medication Synchronization

Medication Synchronization

Are you making multiple trips to the pharmacy and seeing the pharmacist more than your family? Are you managing multiple prescriptions for yourself, a loved one or all of the above? Let us help you save time and trouble by having your maintenance prescriptions filled at the same time each month with free Medication Synchronization.

Medication Synchronization is a program with many advantages, such as:

  • Less trips to the pharmacy
  • Easier to manage prescriptions
  • Improved medication adherence
  • Easier to keep track of your refills and prescription requests

Once you are enrolled in our Medication Synchronization program we will work with you to formulate a cost-effective and convenient schedule for your medication refills.

We offer different packaging options, besides traditional single bottle fills. For added convenience we offer single blister packs and multiple pill blister packs.

Multiple Bottles

The traditional method of filling prescriptions. We will fill each medicine in a single separate and labeled bottle. All of the pertinent information is printed on a label and easily accessible. Once set up, all of the bottles will be filled at the same time.

Single Blister Packs

This offers single dose convenience, and make administering or taking the medicine simple. The information and instructions for the particular drug will be listed on the pack. Patients and caregivers like the ease and clear direction of blister packs.

Multiple Pill Blister Packs

These packs help to expedite multiple pill administration. It is a near-foolproof method to make sure one prescription is not overlooked or forgotten, or double dosed. We can create a morning pack and an evening pack if necessary. Nursing homes, assisted living centers, in-home health care, even individuals will benefit from this program.

Using the medication synchronization program can solve various issues and is an effective yet simple solution which ensures medication adherence and therefore proper patient care

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